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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 29, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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breaking news out of west chicago. rescue attempts were made after a high-speed chase. the car reportedly driving over 100 mi. per hour crashed into a home of 400 coal for it. vehicle landed upside down. the car crashed into the crotch. sky camp 9 tells us the victim was extricated from the car and taken to good samaritan hospital. no details on why the driver was traveling at that speed. >> and other injuries reported. >> a shuttle bus
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crashes had no hair injuring more than a dozen people. >> traffic rolling again. operations just back to normal. >> more than a dozen people recover from the crash. that led to quite a dramatic morning for thousands of passengers. >> the crash happened just after 630 this morning on the only road near terminal one. a woman driving a rented shabazz saw of him into a concrete median about a dozen passengers on board. fortunately to fire department bmc saw at happen and sprang into action. the boss was just going and straight into the barrier.
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>> all over the ground. trained to make sure to take care of the patients. >> she the crash forced the closure for all inbound lanes for 19 do. quite a few got out of their vehicles to walk to the terminal. what struck me off but she dropped me off laid-back and i'm walking to the terminal building. to her would be there before she would. >> we were still far behind. we were really late for our flight. such behavior is discouraged dangerous and even detrimental. walking on the shoulder that is usually reserved for emergency vehicles. delayed a
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little bit of the city resources. luckily professional help was already on the scene. in fact and the media response time cannot be beat. definitely a different experience for me. the concrete median it is now part of any construction of here. it is not known yet what caused the driver to crash into it. >> breaking news they will come to judge has just announced a guilty verdict in a double murder trial >> when the judge made the announcement there were no outbursts in the courtroom. did
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not even turn around and look at her family issues led out of the courtroom. the family stayed in the courtroom for a few minutes. it appeared there wanted to wallet what just happened sank in. the lack of respect for human life. one of four defendants in this case. >> pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and testify to the prosecution. will come to prosecutors say in january of 2013 but came up with a plan to or two men to the hickory street home so they could rob them. they wanted money for cigarettes gas and drugs. prosecutors said there strangled their cover and terence rankin's by tying plastic eggs around the victims' heads. called her father for help in
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disposing the body. call the police to say the defendants were still partying at the house following the killing. our did she did not think the others were serious about merging the two men. >> families of these victims told us after the court proceedings concluded that they're thankful for the verdict. >> will have to say as to god be the glory. i have nothing else to say. >> we are not done yet. >> i am happy. >> she could touch the judge set a
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sentencing hearing. scheduled to stand trial. will be a jury trial of september 22nd. the state attorney is going to handle the case himself. no trial date has been set for adam landman. >> chicago police searching for a man is essentially a salt and 49 girl and subsided. >> removed the girls pants against her will. sexually assaulting her. >> so hysterical and hyperventilating she really could not tell me everything that happened. >> small dresden has hammer a blue baseball cap with the latter half a the letter ton
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that. >> the victim was taken to the children tough battle. her condition is still unknown. the family of a baby boy who was adopted as offering a $10,000 reward for a safe return. >> 6 weeks old. he was walking with the baby when a man and woman approached him. the man hit him with a gun and one man carried the boy away. suspects were last seen driving an older model ford. a student at indiana university has died at her sword else.surety house. sorority house the times to revive the stagnant for more than one hour were not successful. a native of libertyville illinois. she was starting her junior year working towards a degree in education. because of her death is still being investigated.
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>> and a schoolteacher is on leave. accused of convincing a boy. taught at the middle school for 19 years. just teaching just this past wednesday. police say there have been no allegations made involving students. >> federal judge has dismissed a federal rights lawsuit against the chicago police department. >> the mother claimed that all conspired to protect the mayor's nephew. the man whose punch killed him outside of a division street bar in 2004. the country was charged and pleaded guilty. serving another 2.5 years. >> attention of the statute of limitations has
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expired. the city of chicago is suing the financially troubled suburb of harvey for an overdue water bill. has not paid chicago for water since march. now of chicago $20 million in payments. another 4 million in late fees. >> that could result in higher bills. >> officials say they have been using these water collection money to meet day-to-day expenses. a 27 year- old man almost drowned while vacationing. the unidentified man was body surfing with friends and he became separated from the group. his friends went looking for him after they had not seen him in about 10 minutes. they found him lying face down in the water. he is
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currently hospitalized in grave condition. we're learning that one of the players on the jackie robinson west baseball team is homeless. his parents are struggling financially. in june in the mother's hours were apparently cut in half. the father is only working part- time. their combined income is not enough to cover rent and cover food and some of the utilities. the family is getting by by sting and relatives and friends. both parents did make the trip to see jrw and a little the girl serious. his goal is to play professional baseball. >> a baby girl was born along the expressway. the girl was delivered by her father. an off- duty paramedic from evanston.
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>> coming up this midday. disturbing new details about what a journalist james foley went through all use being held captive. other flights averted after a passenger dispute. abercrombie and fitch getting rid of the locals. we will fitch getting rid of the locals. we will tell yo ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. [ thud ] visit tripadvisor rome. with millions of reviews, tripadvisor makes any destination better.
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five years after thelater they unveiled a new monument. discover dilapidated grave sites and missing bodies. today rehabilitant cemetery is open. live with more. as an know this is no ordinary cemetery. a final resting place for civil-rights icon at mattel. heavyweight boxing champion. the to mention the thousands of prominent and ordinary people whose grave sites were desecrated. people who were very angry about the situation. a lot of
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african-american individuals out here. this is a historic cemetery. among the multitude of families still hurting from what happened. >> the healing begins. we're going to make this a national monument. >> the sheriff with the effort to sort through the wreckage. >> the following the emergence of a scandal couric of national attention. not to mention a criminal destination. >> would be half oval all of those who have their loved ones buried here in the task force came up with a proposal for a law in illinois that i
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signed a cemetery oversight act. will protect all of us. when it comes to burying our loved ones. >> >> the individuals' driving down a hundred and 27 street could barely dry and a left-hand lane because the tree overhangs are so bad. it was really and disappeain disrepair. >> in newly constructed office building with a kiosk. offering much of this massive cemetery. all of this part of the new and improved some attorney. international pressure is growing. >> knight states
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accuses russia of sending up to 1000 soldiers and to 70 cream to fight alongside rebels. satellite images showing russian troops engaged in military operations. >> they call it a serious escalation of russian aggression. >> not an isolated action of a dangerous pattern. >> russia continues to deny that they're supporting rebel forces. >> russian president's office. the humanitarian corridor surrounding ukrainian troops. a new international related to oasis. the government raised its terror threat level to
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substantial. the fourth highest of five levels. this means a terrorist attack is highly likely that there is no intelligence suggesting it is imminent. the u.k. prime minister ciller least 500 people travel from the u.k. to fight in the conflict. yesterday president obama says he has no strategy: he does it will include a region of our reach. >> there will not be quick or easy. i'm confident that we can and we will. >> pentagon says they should have a strategy ready to present to the president. a phony bomb on a stop him from driving erratically. according to the sometimes this man will living in a vise is flat out of his window and he was stopped when is it.
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>> no bomb was found. the charge of making a false bomb threats. driving without a license and three other move and violations. >> familiarity to your captivity as saying he and a still other hostages were water board it several times. post as a video of the once before and after the be heading. >> american airlines plane from miami to paris was rerouted to boston after a passenger got upset. federal air marshals had to subdue the man. >> is now facing federal charges.
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>> human trials of an experimental people live vaccine will start next week. i will first be given to three healthy volunteers. the vaccine did well in trials of chimpanzees. they say they cannot predict what will happen in humans. >> chocoholics watch out. home at his word of the bacteria ais >> a twist on tuna tar a share after running us with a twist. a pleasure to be with you. some really beautiful the cutting into little cubes.
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consumer spending for july dips. stocks remain on the high side. >> tyson foods has completed its takeover of the hills firebrands. the deal won regulatory approval. the granite includes a number of hills are brands. one a bidding war for the company. >> the merger expected to generate more than $40 billion in sales a year. >> similar to social media users putting new service them looks like ins tagram >> to instant shopping opportunity. means if you like he by it
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is called like to buy. nordstrom is using it. representative said the hope it will help fan spirits hoping to draw back young customers prove >> yesterday of the company reported its 10th straight decline in quarterly sales. >> smart drivers could be hitting the road this labor day weekend. >> analysts say with the same gas prices this low since 2010. the average price in illinois history 50 per gallon. national averages $3.41. >> good condition is present could be
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conducting safety checkpoints. will be checking license and registration as well as trying to determine whether anyone is driving impaired. >> and is to increase safety and seat belt usage. >> several bears make a final push frofor a roster spot. we had to breabreak with music from we had to breabreak with music from casey. .rist
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ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn?
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try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. the bears have to trim their roster from 75 down to 53 players. none of the starters played in the preseason for malloy. and the respect shoulder pads. >> the defensive end
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may have played himself into a roster spot. six tackles including a sack. 13 of 24 passing with 146 yds. in the fourth picked off by robert nelson. the only interception of the game. >> i do not relievo your preseason by the games. a value to training camp. i think we have excellent training camp. >> we see talent all around us. to rethink every team that has drawn closer together.don and closer together. >> we are ready. the bears open the season against the buffalo bills along the lakefront next sunday. >> the white sox trying to put together a winning streak. after a seven game skid. down one run. 97 rbi
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of the year. still tied at 2 ups. >> and missed his second straight game. chicago cubs trailed the reds. >> only lasted four innings. an rbi single to right- center. he went 2-4 in the second game. >> i am pleased with >> i am pleased with myself. e.
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we might get some storms later on. they've been widely scattered. the big changeover were we had yesterday. give us a high temperature is 87 degrees. we're up to 82 at o'hare. a lot of cloud cover moving over the chicago area. but debris clouds from six storms that lose their parts of the southwestern suburbs. picked up more than a quarter inch of rain this morning. >> some of the storms that developed do have potential for heavy downpours. >> here in the warm air in a spirit that
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is going to make the very little more uncomfortable. it is very summary of there. temperatures in the eighties around the city. most of the suburbs still in the '70s. this is a more compelling graphic. we're seeing them rise above 70 degrees. >> if we and the effect of all the moisture. look at the wind at the moment. read your satellite composite. see the storms from this morning. a few showers the rapidly dissipating. tonight
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we're expecting redevelopment. >> >> taking of messy weather during this one sharpers computer models show storms developing and coming up into parts of illinois. tomorrow more general aerial coverage. just about everybody is expected to pick up something on saturday. sunday looks dry but waiting in the wings for monday more showers and thunderstorms. >> a good indicator of the rainfall shows less than 1 in. in most places. if you find yourself under a particularly big when you can quickly picked up an inch of rain. look at this. warm and stays around the area for most of the
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seven days. and maybe a little cooler. 77 the gray lake water temperature in chicago ears are forecast for the afternoon. looking at skies becoming mostly cloudy scattered storms. briefly heavy downpours possible ad spots. >> for tonight mostly cloudy. stormy at times. temperatures by morning should be 62-67 degrees. >> start the weekend with a rather stormy conditions. look for a high between 79 and about 82 degrees. on sunday some good news. partly cloudy skies a good day to go and enjoy outdoor
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activity. weather should not be a problem. >> we will talk about that coming up in the update. >> i could sunday leading into monday.
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than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. time for new is for your family. in the study says vaccinations for children have increased or remained stable this year. research shows coverage for mmr and hepatitis b remain stable and 90%. one percent of children receive no vaccines of all. a consistently low percentage. indicates improvements need to be made. if you think your home is a safe haven from bacteria. in a study published in science study is seven families for six weeks when the
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three families moved to a new house. turn sharing happen very rapidly. not only with our homes but also with each other. >> scientists found most bacterial shared the regular physical contact. >> what does not grosses one break. that is coming up next. we're making a that is coming up next. we're making a spicy drink. e.
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mereh x
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let's see what we've got. joining us to explain here giving us a little insight into some of this food. this is an insight into this wonderful festival that we're doing. part of the broad umbrella of chicago or may. we're going to be raising funds for a scholarship program that we have at our premier culinary school. the money is going to chicago public schools. we take one of the students in chicago public schools and give them a free ride through all of the culinary program. it is an amazing program. invite people from mexico. we get together and look at the modern side of mexican food. that is kind of what i'm going to
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show you. a beautiful piece of tuna. the red onion and red chili sauce. blended with some garlic that has been roasted lime juice and salt. this is what it comes out looking like. a simple red chili sauce. i'm going to use this as a dressing if you will for this beautiful quality. >> going to work with another charlie. which is even a little less spicy. going to mix that into a cocktail. >> your smiling so it has got to be good. i'm going to
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finish this will he explain to the he is doing. definitely a little bit more rustic. it is a big personality. a little bit stronger. it is not often times. we're starting out of some chili. a little bit less spicy. definitely on the mild side. have taken a chilly and cooked them in to a syrup. while the flavor is not a lot of heat. taking a larger personality. just a little bit of simple syrup. >> >> apply as
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necessary. >> like any good cockpit of fresh ingredients. >> >> the little pink like quality. i do not know about you but i'm sort of getting thirsty. a little bit hungry. >> you are going to be there. we're adding that this year. >> all kinds of wonderful delicias
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there for just to go with the beautiful food that we're going to be talking about as well. >> 1 little taste. >> i can feel spicy. what a beautiful combination that is. >> something simple with beautiful ingredients. another something simple and beautiful ingredients. it is always made with a rock tune up. yes to get to good quality. >> thank you so much for coming. >> september 13th kendall college. 900 mi f
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we're ready for the weekend. temperature him to be climbing into the upper 80s. right now we're watching the showers and thunderstorms. pledges watching the breed clubs. what are we expecting in terms of temperatures? >> will know you're at 82 degrees. but temperatures are only going to be going up probably looking at mid-upper eighties through the weekend. at the moment 27 minutes a sunburn time. >> the sun is somewhat less intense. 74 cast piquancy we have a lot of thunderstorm icons. nothing for sunday. looks like a dry your day.
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>> monday-wednesday could all have thunderstorms. >> thank you for thunderstorms. >> thank you for joining us.
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that really looks great, huh? i ask you, friends, is this not real reconstruction of the south? who says we're dying? i think you all know who we owe for this wonderful gift, right? no surprises to anybody. stuart merrill. my lord, i haven't seen that little girl in ages. she's really grown up. doesn't take after her grandmother much. as long as she doesn't take after her mama,


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